After seeing their ad on FB I went to Lome interior and met Lucas and Alvin. They were very upfront with me and what I can do with my limited budget. After comparing many quotes I decided to go with Lome Interior.

I had to be overseas during the entire renovation period and I was very worried as it was my 1st-time purchase of a flat. Alvin was very helpful and assured me that everything will go smoothly. Still being sceptical as I have heard so many horror stories from friends with their experience with contractors. we also had to rush for time as 7th month was just a few days after the targeted handover.

During the whole reno period, Alvin has done a fantastic job co-ordinating everything including with 3rd party contractors that I engaged (air-con, lighting). Using video calls and photos to update me. Everything went smoothly and even manage to handover before the proposed date.
All the materials Lome used are of good quality and I’m very satisfied.

Another good point I must add is their after-sales service. after moving in for 3mths, a small section of my wall n paint had hairline cracks. I spoke to Alvin and he arranged for the walls to be repainted without any hesitant.

So to sum up everything, the price was good without any hidden cost, material and workmanship are of good quality and the whole experience was a pleasant process. I highly recommend them… tks guys!