Sheldon did a great job with my home and I would highly recommend him to any other homeowners.

We got to know Sheldon through a colleague who had earlier engaged him as her ID. In comparison to the 11 other IDs that we met, Sheldon came across as being the most honest. He gave objective advice and did not just agree to everything the wife and I wanted if it didn’t make design-sense. Sheldon’s familiarity and end-to-end know-how of the entire process involved in the entire project gave us a sense of assurance.

Throughout the project, Sheldon was very responsive to our queries, and was able to rectify any hiccups quickly. This gave the wife and I a really enjoyable experience in building our nest, rather than fretting over details or dealing with not-so-responsible IDs. Quality-wise, the wife and I couldn’t be happier with workmanship of all the build-in fixtures. Of course there were some minor scuffs here and there but those were rectified most pleasingly.