Trustworthy. Committed. Professional. Sincere. These are the qualities we have experienced with Sheldon from Corazon Interior.

After our meetings with 4 different interior designers, we chose to engage Sheldon as our ID as we felt that he was professional, diligent and sincere in helping us design our desired home. Also, he was the only ID who appeared to be well prepared for our first meeting and we could tell that he had studied our house layout which we had sent to him beforehand. Most importantly, he was someone we felt that we could trust.

Sheldon offered us many practical ideas and did not hesitate to clarify our doubts. He was also very prompt in responding to our queries through whatsapp. In addition, he kept us updated on the progress of the renovation by sending us pictures regularly.

Sheldon also went the extra mile to accompany us to various stores to purchase our household items and provided us with many useful advice on how to choose the items such as lights and furniture along the way.

The renovation process was a smooth one and we are extremely thankful to Sheldon for overseeing the whole of it! Even after the renovation was done, Sheldon remained responsive to our queries and was quick to assist us when we required minor touch ups.

Highly recommended! 🙂