My family and I had the most desirable outcome with Crescendo Interior in our recent big scale home renovation. 3 months of a long journey from the roughest part of hacking the entire flat to the smallest detailed works had indeed been the most fulfilling one for our family.

Not only it’s a total makeover but the most incredible outcome from our renovation is the conversion and remodelling our 3-room to a 4-room unit.

It’s incredible to find out at the end of this change, our flat provides more living space for ourselves now.

We had no doubt and super glad that we have chosen Rick as our designer.

He had given us the end result of a good quality workmanship from the design, carpentry, tiling work to choosing the electrical lightings & appliances etc. Not forgetting the management of time is superb but also the entire cost is within our budget.

What’s more to say that Rick had gone beyond his scope of work fulfilling each of our demands and last minute changes.

His patience and professionalism throughout this project have proven to us that he deserves all our compliments.

Every time we sat down in our cool kitchen island or snuggling in our cosy living room, we are convinced and have learnt that listening to the suggestions from our designer is so important. And now, we can only be so glad that we’ve made the right choice for choosing Crescendo Interior.