I was referred to Freddy of “The Interior Lab (TIL) Pte Ltd” by my colleague. We decided to engage him after comparing him against 6 other IDs that we had consulted. The reasons why we selected him back then, were mainly due to the facts that he was 1) Recommended by somebody I know, 2) His budget matched closest to our expectation, 3) His designs were something we are comfortable with, 4) Possess pleasant personality and offered frank and practical insights on which designs, were nice but not practical, which designs were more objective, etc. TIL was the 2nd ID that we engaged and having a pretty bad experience from the 1st ID, I used those experiences gained to manage my expectation with TIL. The following comparisons are made against my 1st ID. A) One of the most impressive differences was after the conclusion of the reno agreement, Freddy and his project coordinator’s (Delson) attitude and way of handling his customer and project remain consistently professional and negotiable. My prior experience was that the moment the contact was signed, there was a 180 degree change in the ID’s attitude towards us. Literally 180 degree change. Freddy mainly handles the design concepts of the house, anything financial and accessories purchase logistics while Delson handles the project execution, coordination, etc. Unlike the 1st encounter, once we signed the agreement, everything was about dollars and cents, if we wanted additional items or changes, it cost money. Freddy was flexible when it comes to financial negotiation, there were at least 2 occasions Freddy did not charge me extra for requesting for changes (for additional electrical scope and other accessories). He commented that we were nice client and didn’t bargain a lot, hence he was flexible to provide those requests free of charge. I would imagine things were handled differently if it was handled by the 1st ID. B) One aspect, we wish TIL could improve on was the project timeline and time management, but certain things can’t be helped. This constraint was informed to us at the very first meeting by Freddy and we could understand the limitation they faced. There were the Dec yearend holiday breaks and the CNY break in Jan, they started the project on the 2nd week of Dec (immediately after I got hold of the key) and they handed over the house to us on time as promised by him. Towards the end of the project timeline, there were some anxieties on my part on whether they could complete the project on time and whether if there are any quality issues for rushing the project. I was pleased to say they delivered their promise as agreed and after 1 months of staying in my new house, we have zero defects to report so far. C) Project execution – I made it a point to have occasional visits at site to monitor the progress of the renovation. I think expectation gap during project execution is not uncommon but it is the way how an ID handles the situation and whether they are professional in their dealings, that matters. Delson and Freddy handled my demands professionally and the quality of work & attitude did not compromise, this was something I value and appreciate. The 1st ID, attitudes were bad, work was sloppy and quality was so horrible that one would imagine that it was a deliberate act of mischief. This was despite the fact they boasted about them being the only ID back then to offer 10 years warranty, which they conveniently ignore when I called to inform of the defects, since then we decided not to have anything to do with them and totally blacklist them. D) We appreciate Freddy and Delson’s patience while dealing with us and his efforts in understanding our needs and challenging our wants list. Unlike the previous ID, who’s only interests was just to get things done and over with. He (Previous ID) gave in to all our wants and designs when in reality a lot of things such as theme, color matching, don’t match. By the time it was completed it was too late and we can’t really fault him because it was our choice to begin with and if we want to change the theme or color, it cost extra, so we had no choice but to suck it up. For TIL, my wife was really impressed with Freddy’s choice of color and selection of tiles design. Initially she had some reservation with Freddy’s choices, but eventually decided to go along with it. When things fell into places, she was absolutely amazed on how everything blends in beautifully. After viewing our house, feedbacks from my parent and my in laws were positive compared to the first ID and we were pleased with the quality workmanship. Even though, it is the 2nd month now, but returning back home from work every day, we have this sense of satisfaction at the finished product of the reno. A fantastic job done by Freddy and his team in TIL!