We received quotations from 6 different interior design firms and visited 4 showrooms before deciding to engage Tues Teh from i-Chapter for our home renovation.

From the first meeting at the i-Chapter showroom, we were impressed by this enthusiasm and passion for interior design. We had some pretty specific and unconventional requests for the layout of our home and we needed an ID who can help us in terms of design to tie everything together. Tues was able to provide us with many creative ideas and suggestions to accommodate our various requests, drawn from his many years of experience. He also gave us good advice on the choice of colours, materials, wallpaper etc. so that everything feels coherent.

Tues is an incredibly hard worker and can be very busy when he has multiple projects going on. He remained very responsive throughout the renovation process and we were always able to meet up with him when we needed. He is great at problem-solving and always makes sure to double check important details with us before proceeding on with the works so we felt at ease leaving our home to him.

Our renovation is not yet complete, but we have been pleased with the progress so far. It is so important to engage and ID with whom you can easily communicate, and we are very glad to have found Tues. We look forward to moving into our newly renovated home!