Andy is amazing!
1. he’s very willing to listen to our needs and ideas, even as he offers advice. and he’s very experienced so he’s very knowledgeable without being overbearing.
2. he’s on-site very regularly to supervise, and even ensure that my new neighbours are not too inconvenienced. They gave him the thumbs up!
3. managed to keep to the very tight reno schedule we gave him, even though there were hiccups during reno. Andy warned us that the tiles were old and sounded hollow, but we decided to retain anyway. they indeed popped during reno and despite additional hacking and laying, the time frame was not exceeded.
4. his contractors are very experienced, we’re happy with the workmanship.
5. his quote is very competitive – we have contacts who do aircon, yet we were unable to get a quote better than his.

actually Andy did the reno for our first home 5 years ago. I think it says alot that we went with him for our second too!