I super love my home; it was exactly how the way I wanted. I would love to say a big THANK YOU to my ID, XiaoMin. She and her team worked hard to make a perfect home for me, their service and the workmanship is excellent. I would highly recommend Starry Homestead (XiaoMin) to those who are looking for ID to create your lovely home.

Before I start finding an ID, I roughly have some idea how I want my home to look like. When I met XiaoMin, we exchange and share our design ideas with each other to have the common understanding of what I want and how the house going to look like. She always tries her best to accommodate my request and suggest things that are very practical and realistic if she thinks it’s necessary.

With my busy work schedule, XiaoMin always took time to meet me over the weekends for discussions or bring me to shops to choose tiles, countertop, sinks etc. Materials and colours selections is a breeze, as she selects those colours that match the theme and to my liking.

XiaoMin, manage and oversee the whole renovation works. I do not have much fuss or worry about the coordination with contractors or if renovations weren’t done according to the design. Even during this difficult situation (COVID-19), everything is so uncertain but yet she tried her very best to arrange whichever work that her team able to do and tried her best to minimise the delay as much as possible. She even went the extra mile to help me to collect the data cable from the company and also to accommodate my last min request to change my countertop material due to the travel restrictions. Thumbs up to her and her team for all the hard work, dedication and commitment to make my dream home to reality.