This is one of the most important post of 2019. During mid-year, we started our search for IDs and Joash told me he has a friend who’s an ID. I told him let’s not go with friends. For those who know me, know how I’m like. (I cannot scold) So we met up with a few of IDs… Couldn’t find the connection, told them my ideas but something else was presented to me… and some even waste my entire life’s time.

In the end, I told him okay let’s go meet your friend and we’ll see how. (This was the first slap on my face) Who knows we hit it off and it was a no brainer for us… I said I hate to say this but you know what… Let’s go for your friend. (Second slap on my face).

Yes and with 2 slaps on my face… Everything was history. In fact, for once, there are no regrets taking that 2 slaps. We’ve been blessed beyond with this guy here… Thank you for not just actualizing our ideas but putting in even bolder ones to create this nest for us. I’m so thankful that I could count on you with handling every contractor, making sure everything was done nicely, even the smallest details and furniture shopping with us.

Kind words we received so far…

“Your home is so you guys, Your house is cosy, Your house is unique”

We have achieved what we want. It was an amazing journey for us and I kind of missed the times when you came up with exciting and interesting ideas… That excitement!

Thank you Edward for everything, you’re the man!