My wife and I are very happy with our decision to entrust Jiaqi and Elpis Interior Design Pte Ltd with our new home. We are delighted with the final product, and the renovation process was very smooth sailing. Jiaqi was a joy to work with. She was sincere and trustworthy and provided genuine advice that was in our best interests. She paid close attention to our needs and preferences and was able to accurately translate our vision and ideas into the design and the actual product. More importantly to us, Jiaqi was very responsive and would address our queries and concerns immediately, even during non-working hours. This made the renovation experience a very positive one for us. Timeline-wise, the renovation was completed ahead of schedule with almost no hiccups. Jiaqi was responsible and worked hard to ensure that our timelines are met. Overall, we are delighted with our new home and we have Jiaqi to thank for. Will definitely recommend her to other new homeowners out there!