It was truly a wonderful experience having Daniel as my ID. This was a handover project, as the initial ID I signed up with, left the company. As like any other, I was initially sceptical about handover projects. However, my worries were completely unfounded.

Throughout the whole process, Daniel delivered truly amazing work together with his sub-cons. I did not have to check on my renovation process or even chase him for anything. I would have pleasant surprises whenever I visited my unit. He would consistently deliver way before I would even expect. His sub-cons did great work – they were neat, and cleaned up very well. Or in fact, Daniel would always do his own QC even before I got to see the end product. His eyes were sharper than mine. I wouldn’t have anything to nitpick because he would spot any issues before me and get it rectified. He was very efficient in his work – just as like what was mentioned about him in the previous reviews on this page – fast and done too well.

Although I already more or less knew what I wanted for my house, articulating it out & getting the other party to understand and work on it is really hard. Daniel knew exactly the kind of feel I was going for my house, and when I left him to make choices – i.e paint colours for the other small areas of the house – he chose exactly what I would have chosen.

I highly (very highly) recommend Daniel & his company. The sub cons they use are of quality, no slipshod work encountered. Even though Daniel is one of the bosses in the company, he didn’t put on any airs and was ever patient and courteous to my unending (silly) questions.

There may be different kinds of ID in this industry – the good, mediocre, or even the bad ones who just disappears on you. Daniel is exactly what makes hiring an ID so worth it.

The project was delivered within the exact timeframe (or even earlier minus-ing off cement screed). It was a very very smooth renovation process – the general cleaning at the end was good too.

Thank you so much, Daniel!
Thank you for doing such a great job with my house! Will definitely recommend you for my sisters’ future BTO!