I had the privilege to work with Kate and Eric. MSS really provides an end to end solution for owners who want a hassle-free renovation process for their home. From initial conceptualisation to handover, both Kate and Eric constantly kept me updated of the progress of the work in my place. I need not be present on site to monitor any progress.

Kate has a natural talent to put all the details together and an eye for the aesthetic part. She tried new wall colours and it turned out so well that I received so many compliments of a chic looking home. She would present furnishing options to me when I have doubts about a certain design. She is also very convincing when I was not sure and since Kate is a great ID I trust her a lot. She is also someone who is patient and understanding and that is important as an ID because she needs to understand her client needs and include them into her overall design deliverables. Kate is always very mindful and will work within my Budget and even times to remind me some work I want could well be a want more than a need e.g. changing the wardrobe when the existing ones are still in good working condition.

Being the PM, Eric ensured he keeps me updated on the progress of the work throughout the time. There were also many instances which Eric would go out of his way to help me to solve the home issues. I recalled having my washer’s plug stuck in between the cabinet and when I asked for help and Eric was the first to arrive to help me and that was even before we started the renovation work. Many occasions he would help me to collect my white goods while I was at work. Eric also has the natural ability to work collaboratively with his men to bring all the works to a completion and handover very timely. I love how Eric takes pride in his work and making sure the minute details are completed exceeding all expectations. Recall he would do the wall painting touch-ups making sure every corner of the house is well covered even in areas I did not notice of minor issues.

Also to the silent decorator, she has made my place such a nice dwelling place. While I was initially a bit apprehensive how a touch of forest green would turn out, I actually love it a lot when the whole place comes together.

Overall, it was really a very great experience to work with Kate, Eric and team in MSS. I was initially planning to rent this place out after a short term stay but after the work they have put in, I’ve decided to stay a bit longer. I am sure in my next new house or new place, I would look for them again!