Our matrimonial home was done up by ZhiQi and Frederick and we decided to engage Elpis Interior Design as our ID after meeting them for the first discussion as we’ve got very good vibes from them that we can entrust our home to them and we were absolutely right!

ZhiQi and Frederick are both very accommodative and very good listeners. They understand the concept that we have in our minds and suggested a lot of creative ideas to us. Not only are they very friendly, approachable and innovative, they are also very patient and not pushy at all. They always try to help us out in every possible way and explain to us how they are going to get things done, taking the time to answer every question we have and solve every problem we faced.

Most importantly, as what they’ve advertised, there is no hidden cost! They were very detailed and precise when explaining the costs involved and there were no surprises in that aspect. Throughout the renovation process, we have nothing to worry and we have to compliment the workmanship of their carpentry works, which are flawless!
Thumbs up to both of them for their great team work and efforts! Once again, we are very grateful for everything they’ve done for us and we are glad that they’ve become our friends through this harmonious renovation process!

We highly recommend Elpis Interior Design to everyone! Sincerely a BIG THANK YOU to ZhiQi and Frederick! We wish Elpis great success and prosperity! All the best!

Jeremy & Alicia.