The initial practical idea was to find a few companies to do a comparison in terms of design and cost, we ended up signing up with MET Interior – because we saw the works of one of the ID, Isaac Kuek.

Before our first meeting with Isaac, we shared what we had in mind with him over the phone. When we met him about a week later, he already had a few ideas to share with us which got us really excited. Even though that first meeting was non-obligatory and we could continue searching for other companies and designers, Isaac’s creativity and sincerity gave us a good feeling that he would deliver results. At the next meeting, we signed up with the company.

There were many discussions on possible designs with Isaac. There were a lot of exchanges of ideas and he tried to introduce new concepts to us without being pushy. We were gradually sold ideas that met our original objectives of a classy and cosy home and were daring and forward (not conventional) at the same time. Another thing we observed about him from the start was that he never stopped at one idea. He would come up with a few ideas for us to discuss and assess to ensure that we were comfortable and the problems (such as small space) were solved.

Admittedly, there were times when we wondered if it would work out but Isaac was reassuring and walked us through the entire process and tirelessly explained to us how the end result would feel. To ensure the result would be pitch perfect, he even went to look for lightings, wallpaper and curtains with us and gave us precious advice on furnishing. We are so grateful that he’s not calculating with his time and really took pride in his work so much so that he would go over and beyond the call of duty to help. In fact, Isaac could even be contacted on weekends and even when he was overseas on holiday!

When the design was agreed upon, he supervised the workers either on-site or remotely to ensure that things went as planned and would give us daily updates which we truly appreciated.

There were a few little hiccups during the reno but they were quickly fixed. So, we have no complaints there.

When we eventually saw our renovated home, it was like a dream come true for us. The 3D pictures he had sent us earlier came to life in front of our eyes. What Isaac promised, he TRULY delivered.

To have decided on a company and designer without looking at all the rest in the market sounds like a risky thing to do. It probably was but we’re glad that we took the risk with MET Interior and Isaac as it paid off handsomely.