We were close to finalizing our ID and home renovation until we met Valentina and JT at Forefront. Valentina was new yet with JT in the picture, 2 heads are certainly better than 1. Our uncertainties were reassured, our ideas fused while we discussed and bingo, we chose them.

Timeline and budget: We had a tight timeline to move in 2.5 months’ time and with a limited budget means some ideas had to be compromised. The project was completed within schedule and while challenges popped out along the way, Valentina was quick to respond and ensured handover was on schedule.

Design and Style: My wife wanted Scandi while I preferred modern. We had some ideas but were unsure about the practicality and outcomes. The meet-ups were crucial as it allows open-discussion to exchange ideas and look at actual deliverables. Many are sure to bring out photos as references and the usual ‘we want to combine this and that’, ‘can this be done?’, ‘what do you think of this?’, ‘I know my house is small, but I like this concept’ pops out. For us, we were slightly clueless as we did not really have actual designs in mind. It is through the discussions that ideas become clearer and their professional advice comes in handy. I thought walls are best kept clean and plain especially when we did not choose a feature wall concept to match our tv console. What was proposed and eventually delivered had our heads turned as it was amazingly beautiful.

Communication: Responsive follow-ups from Valentina ensured that every small/big hiccup was resolved double-quick time so that progress is not affected (let’s be honest, it’s common to have hiccups, and there’s no ‘perfect solution’). She’s always quick to respond and this places our heart and minds at ease.

Trust and Professionalism: JT and Valentina were very assuring despite concerns at our end, they always said “don’t worry, we will deliver on time” each time we had any doubts. They also always say “our ideas are not the most important. You are the owners and you live in the house. What matter most is you are comfortable and like the house’. They would not force their ideas on you just to make their work easier. They would not say ‘this cannot be done, that is not possible’. Each challenge brings about a positive response from them as they say ‘let us look at it again and resolve the problem/offer a suggestion’.

Thank you Valentina and JT for understanding our wants & wishes, making our ideas come alive and become a reality. It is a beauty we call HOME.