After countless meetings and discussions with 5-6 IDs, we finally decided to engage Corazon as the ID of our first ever home. We felt at ease during all the meetings with Sheldon. Sheldon provided not only creative but practical ideas. He is very accommodating and tried as best as he could to fulfil our needs and wants, though there were times he would politely turn down our request or provide reminders on the practicability of certain designs that we wanted. Now living in our own crib and thinking back, we totally thank Sheldon for all the valuable advice!

Sheldon is really very patient with us and very responsive to messages. Many times we disrupted his weekends, as we needed opinions in choosing everything from lights to furniture, to colour of the carpet and etc, as weekends were the only time we could do our shopping. Always on the ball!

Be rest assured that you will receive quality work as Sheldon’s team of contractors, electricians, plumbers and painters are very experienced. Surprises upon surprises! Impressed with the attention to details and the professionalism of Sheldon and the whole team.

We would like to take this opportunity to thanks Sheldon for his time and effort in making our dream house come true. Needless to say more. Highly recommended.