Jack and Tony transformed us from a couple with zero knowledge about renovation into a couple with keen interest on the renovation.

It wasn’t an easy decision for us to appoint Colourbox as our ID. Nobody in our social circles worked with Colourbox before. The decision was made after meeting them the third time. What helped us in our decision making are the reviews, the quality of the material that they are proposing to us (from vinyl flooring to hinges), reasonable quotation and most importantly their sincerity to work with us.

Discussion with Jack and Tony was easy and engaging. They are very willing to share their knowledge and experience throughout the renovation process with us. Of course, they can’t be a “know all” expert. When in doubts, they will seek clarification and update us thereafter. We need not worry about any hidden cost. They are not calculative over small issues which need additional work or materials if the job is within their limit. We are a happy customer of Colourbox and will recommend them to our friends.