I had a rough idea on how I wanted to renovate the resale flat that I got and the major part of it was an L-shape collapsible door that would replace 2 walls in the flat. When I spoke with Kent Heng from 9 Creation, I felt very assured as he has done it before and showed me photos of his past client and that was exactly what I wanted, unlike other IDs that I spoke to.

I couldn’t really go down to check on the renovation often, but liaising with Kent over WhatsApp to discuss some matters or make certain decisions was a breeze. I can trust him to carry out what I wanted to be done, and I only go down on weekends to bring over materials required for installation works and to see the reno process.

Kent was also very kind and offered to repaint my door frames for free even after I decided not to paint them.

I’m very happy with the whole reno process and would definitely recommend him to others.