I am pleased to write this review for Yiyi Lu and her team. I happened to find out about her in one of the TV episode “Project Dream Home” that she participated in. Needing a renovation for my investment property, I called and she agreed to renovate the unit within our specified budget. Little did I realize how that request would become.

After working with Yiyi on this simple project, I felt very comfortable with her professionalism and confident in her abilities.

I have subsequently used Yiyi’s services on my own primary residence. Our request was to have plenty of storage without sacrificing the beauty and without the heavy look that usually accompany design with plenty of storage. Yiyi handled the job extremely well, arranging contractors, overseeing all of the work and selecting all of the colour for the wallpaper, curtain and sofa. Her very effective mixture of mirrors and natural stone has dramatically capture the beauty of our surrounding, making it seem as if we are living in the out-of-doors and extending that feeling of openness throughout the whole living room. The hours that she spent going through the many different aspects of the renovation further earned her my respect. She has a keen insight that allows her to see a solution to a problem quickly and efficiently. I am pleased with the calibre of the work and the fact that she can watch the bottom line. The job was completed on time AND on budget AND the striking appearance of the interior of our home has been apparent to anyone who enters the front door. You can’t ask for more than that.

I have no reservation whatsoever in recommending Yiyi and her team to anyone with a home that needs work. With Yiyi and her team, you will receive excellent service, quality craftsmanship and value for your investment.