Call me biased, but there is no way you’d get a better ID than Jeffery Tan from Elpis. I contacted 10 IDs. The very first one did not keep to the brief after a 2-hour meeting. Of the 10, it was only Jeffery who was prepared with four hand-drawn layouts. He was the second ID we met. We kind of knew we wanted to go with him, but of course, we wanted to meet more. I must say he set the benchmark high. The others we met just did not have the same enthusiasm. During our meeting, Jeffery was able to think of solutions for each and every one of our questions. His experience showed in the way he was able to do so on the spot. He also did not push “template” design ideas to us and listened to what we wanted carefully. Of course,x this long story means we chose him. Best decision ever. I can’t stress how much of a load Jeffery took off us. He was frequently there to monitor his men and to give us updates. He was always available and he was so patient. We weren’t exactly fickle, but any time I wasn’t too sure with a decision I was always comfortable to check in with him again. He was very clear that it’s us, the owners, who would have to go back to the home everyday and the decisions were ultimately left to us. The suggestions he made turned out beautifully. And I must say Jeffery is more than an ID because he’s like a friend. When relatives went down when we weren’t around, they were impressed at the way he showed them around like the homeowner, excited at all the things that made the flat a home. Jeffrey’s passion is so refreshing and he never makes you feel like just one of his projects. In fact, it was hard to believe that we were not his only clients because he paid so much attention to us. His memory is also shocking… Some things that weren’t written down, he remembered off the top of his head. He knew the smallest details about our preferences. This is a long review but this is the least I can do for the ID who allowed me to come back to a space that fills my heart with love every single day. Oh, did I mention he was also the most affordable?