We got a few quotes from different reno company. Was found AC Vision from FB. I’ve pm them and Mr Alan replied to me. I did not give him any layout. Only through the phone he already knew what I want. After emailing him the actual layout we got his quote very fast. It is a reasonable price and also within our budget. So we decided to give Alan handled our reno. Overall we r quite satisfied for the reno. We don’t like to get any argument for new house so everything we will ask and discussed w Alan. During the reno progress, it is common to have some issues (if you engage with others it is also the same). Fortunately, Alan is responsive and very patient to handle it. 他会尽量做到你要的. YEAH…SO we quite satisfied la!!! As for now, we only left very minor job to be done but we requested to do it after the virus is gone. Thanks Mr Alan!