When I first have gotten my floor plan I was looking for an ID that must meet the following criteria.

1. Reliability – as I travel lots so a reliable ID is a must.
2. Patient – as there are many changes cos I am tearing down the whole unit.
3. Understand my needs but at the same time be creative and not just listen to my wants.
4. Teamwork – renovation is not just about me but my family working together with my ID

EDDIE WONG was all of the above and more. He was attentive to my needs and giving good advice. As I travel a lot many times he had to make some decision for me and all this was done efficiently and he will update me with the videos and photos without causing any disturbance to my work.

Lastly, their quotation was not the lowest but I went ahead as I believe that Eddie and myself sync very well and I can depend on him to do a good job and he did deliver his promise.