We engaged Jonathan to help us create our home and it was truly a wise decision! Like all other renovations, it will never be a bed of roses. However, it’s only through the hiccups (minor) that we get to see how professional, prompt and responsible they are. Jonathan really impressed us with the extra mile he went for many things, from coordination to design to practicality… I gave him a task which was challenging (i.e. To have a display cabinet with absolutely no hinges seen). I thought he will dismiss my crazy idea cos many IDs told me not possible. However, within the next meeting, he showed us a thick book of hinges that he had studied to show us the potential options on the detailing to be used, we were already so wowed that he did take my wish seriously, but not only that, he even did up a prototype to show us before fabrication knowing that I am not a visual person! He also helped us coordinate with the various parties whom we engaged on our own, from planning Cctv points to painting to lighting delivery, invisible grills, etc. When the lighting shop delivered one transformer short, he went down to Balestier to pick up for us!! There are so many things that he did beyond his call of duty and it will be too long to name them. Jeanie also did a great job in helping to coordinate and resolve issues for us, 辛苦你了! We are truly happy and satisfied customers and would strongly recommend them to our friends! Thanks, Jonathan and Jeanie for the great work, our house is not only done up cosily and beautifully, space planning was great too, the timeline was well within what we asked for or even shorter, thumbs up!!