This is an overdue review. It has been 2 years since our renovation had completed and we have been living inside ever since. Recalling back, we had a very good experience with Brandon and even till now, we are still in contact. The 2 months of renovation journey we shared was smooth and untroubled. It was almost like a offhand project to Brandon & we were barely troubled by anything 🤣 His attention to details, flexibility to suit our work schedule, understanding of our needs inside out and the overall practical/ artistic direction captivated us. It is very easy to promise on a sales pitch but what impressed me was his genuine articulation on our house. After shifting in, whenever there is an issue highlight, Brandon is always fast in getting back. His after renovation service is good. Unlike our first house which was done by another ID 😬🤐🙄

I will and always recommend Brandon if any wishes to look for a renovation. Hope you stay around this industry long enough for my third house 👍🏼