The whole experience is generally good. We choose Colourbox as it is within the vicinity of our new house and the ID is someone who gives good advise. Steven was definitely one of the most promising and professional ID. House planning by him was efficient and fast. The whole house was done up within 2 months. We were rather busy most of the time and Glad he was there to manage the house. The house was relatively okay but the height of the platform bed is higher than expected. We did mention that the bed will be made in a way it will be easy to access but as the flaw happens it isn’t quite possible to remake it. Despite that, Steven has made it a point to help us insert an additional step so that it could be within reach by me. Similarly, we weren’t there to monitor and liaise with carpentry so probably the off estimate wasn’t entirely his fault.

The kitchen was well done and the living room was great too. Steven has given good recommendations from electricians to bifold doors to curtains and bathroom necessities.

Overall his management is definitely good and performed well. Quotation wise it is definitely reasonable and cheaper than others. As a home buyer, it is expected to have a good ID with great problem-solving skill.