We had approached Fadhil as he is an old friend and at the same time, someone we know we can count on to design and make our ideal home.

The work started early even before we got keys to our new house. Consultation started off with a floor plan and Fadhil even delivered a 3D view of what could be our dream home. Communication was very open and easy with Fadhil. Despite being occupied with current projects, he made time to meet up with us. We observed that Fadhil would spend his time until late in the office, ensuring current and new projects would be attended to.

Although we have known Fadhil for a long time, he did not discount on his professionalism and work rate. He handled the overall project timeline very well and ensured that it delivered timely. We observed that through his communications with his project partners, they hold him with respect and someone who is reliable. His project partners have no problems with coming back to our house to ensure even the smallest details are attended to and properly completed.

Fadhil is a reliable, highly efficient and respected design and renovation partner. We are certain that he will continue to deliver with high standards and make your dream homes a reality.