As new homeowners, we were advised to shop around for IDs and to not go with the first one we met. Joel (Tamp 1) was the first ID we met, we went with him and it was one of our best decisions as a couple! During the initial phase, we had ideas of our own on what we want do for our home. Like everything else, our dream house also had a budget for it. Joel took time to listen and understand our needs before coming up with a rough sketch and his idea of the house. He was attentive to our needs and incorporated our ideas in his designs. He was very organized and systematic and had a schedule of when and where to get things done. During our meetings, he was always very punctual and attentive. He attended to all the big as well as tiniest details of our home – which made the renovation process for us easy and effortless. Thank you Joel for putting together our little nest!