Kudos to Ethan Ng for a stunning job well done. I was initially skeptical that a mid-market ID could pull off a 6 figure luxury project – but the results speak for themselves. Not only did they deliver on budget with no overruns, they delivered on time too – very rare in this industry. Ethan Ng managed to pull together and coordinate what most will consider run-of-the-mill contractors and suppliers – into a symphony of quality and design commensurate to the very best in the high-end ID industry. Any niggles were quickly put to rest – no fuss, and almost immediately. His attention to detail was amazing – touches that we would never have thought of, but made the world of difference in livability. His ingenuity is only limited to the level of the contractors that surround him, but he pushes them to deliver at their maximum capability. If you surround this guy with better contractors, he’ll be award-winning – he is that good.