Rachel was highly recommended to me by my friend due to her efficiency and customer oriented service. She was the 2nd designer that I approached, and I signed the contract with her. The fact that I don’t have to pay GST, on top of the renovation cost already enticed me. Furthermore, Rachel listens to what and how I want my house to be, and will not push her idea across unless is really a no-go. She also suggested ways keep my budget in check, and not waste money unnecessarily

In between, due to of my indecisiveness, I changed quite a few things but Rachel will always reply me with a smile and proceed with the changes. When the renovation started, she is very responsive, even late at night. (sorry Rachel disturb ur beauty sleep lol) Whenever there is an issue, she will immediately inform her guys and get it rectify. Rachel also updated the renovation progress thru Whatsapp with photos. Having her to handle my renovation i do not have to worry a single thing! I will strongly recommend Rachel to anyone who is looking for an ID! You will not go wrong with Rachel!

Lastly, I would like to thank ID Gallery for having such a wonderful interior designer. Thank you, and thank you, Rachel !

Despite handed over the project for months, whenever there are any rectifications need to be done. She is still as responsive and friendly as before. Thumbs up for rachel!