Key Concepts has successfully delivered our long-awaited home! We engaged Yongren, and we had definitely no regrets in doing so. He was in fact recommended by another family member of ours, and he did well in delivering what we expected.

From the beginning, Yongren has been friendly, casual and patient with us. He has been nothing but accommodating to us, no matter how demanding the circumstances have been. Throughout the process, he kept an open mind and tried his best to propose ideas repeatedly or to give suggestions to fit our requirements. He is highly competent with project management, and was able to manage his teams well to achieve smooth project coordination despite unprecedented event and conditions. What was beyond expectations that we appreciated was his endeavour to always deliver what he had promised.

Yongren has also been honest and accountable, and follows up with any outstanding issues even after things are settled, or if things were overlooked, never shirking responsibility or blaming the situation.

It has been a long but pleasant journey with Yongren from Key Concepts who has delivered exceptional service and has done an awesome job in creating our wonderful home. Thanks YR! 😊