After reviewing only the second company, we decided to engage ID Gallery, even though this is a very risky thing to do. However, we were given assurance and so my family went like, why not give it a try?

The result of my five-room flat is very satisfactory (better than expected) I must say.
Dave Chew is a very capable interior designer who is very attentive and perceptive. At the start, he gives me a very detailed explanation on how the renovation is going to be carried out. I was introduced to many things I have not heard of in the renovation world and I have learnt a lot from him.

When everything is confirmed, he starts to discuss with me about the themes and concept, what can or what can’t be done with my given budget. Yes, I have a budget and he makes sure that he suggests ideas within what I am capable of affording. The ideas he has given came to us in the form of 3D Visual Artwork and they were most certainly splendid. Embracing most of his ideas and getting him to make some adjustments, we were ready to kick start the project.

As it was a resale 5-room flat, it was a complete make-over. Dave planned out the timeline very nicely and at every stage, I see the subcontractors working on my home with the workmanship of a high quality. I especially love the woodwork in every part of my room. Even the wooden flooring on my bedrooms are really nice, and exactly the feel I wanted to achieve. Many things (such as tiles) that ID Gallery has provided to my place came from well-known suppliers, from what I heard from other people. There are hiccups on the way, but I think it was managed very well.

Even though there are times when there might be a little conflict and disagreement, but I feel that this is perfectly fine because all of us have our own point of view. Dave also has a very high tolerance of listening to our naggings and complaints, making sure to get our issues rectify and solved.
All in all,
Thank you Dave, for your effort in helping me to achieve my ideal home.