Both My husband and I can vouch for Thomas’ professionalism, creative thinking and design sense. He had recommended design aspects that no other ID had thought of, incorporating both functionality and design thinking into his recommendations. Thomas was able to mould his proposed design exactly according to our needs and lifestyle, and from our interactions with a few other IDs, we had found that this was quite a rarity in the industry. Many IDs we met tried to fit our house into their usual proposed/signature style/layout and not the other way round. In our engagements, Thomas was also friendly, approachable and super prompt.

Pricing-wise, Starry was also a lot more affordable than we had imagined it to be, especially with the number of accolades the firm has amassed.

We strongly recommend Starry and Thomas to homeowners looking to renovate. We hope you will be able to benefit as much from Thomas as my hubby and I did.