Thank you Garrett and the authors team for styling our dream home.
Similarly to other new house owners, we went through a couple of other ID before settling with Garrett. I recalled vividly that it was his passion and pursuit for good communication that made us settled down.

Considering that a lot of our pre-work was done during the CB period, i would say Garrett has certainly went over and beyond. He listened carefully to our needs and dish out advices that are useful while making sense of the budget. He also took time to explain and used various methods to allow us to visualise the concept in mind.

During the renovation period, he kept us updated with the movements and progress. This gave us a big piece of mind as we have heard of many horror stories.

Post renovation, Garrett remains contactable and helped us facilitate repairs and checks up till the present day. Both of us would agree he has excelled and is deserving to be a friend for our new family.
Thank you Garrett !