I want you to know that I am very pleased with the quality of service Edmund provides for my private residential renovation at 12A Jansen Road.

Despite not the lowest quotation received, Edmund’s attention to details, ability to quickly grasp my requirements, provide advisement and very speedy response (within 4hrs of posting request on renovation portal) gave me the confidence to select Design 4 Space over 14 other interior design firms. Being a trained engineer managing sourcing for 3M APAC business, it takes alot to impress me and Edmund did.

Throughout the project duration, Edmund has consistently displayed high professionalism in project management through: (1) ensuring work activities are carried out per schedule, per discussed and agreed, while maintaining excellent customer service level, (2) talented yet economically practical design suggestions helped to keep the overall cost within reasonable boundary of my budget, (3) delivering the quality standard to my or rather his expectation. His strong ability to grasp requirements, flexibility to adapt is another key factor contributing to the success of this project due to unforeseen situations that arose during the renovation. His attention to details continue to amplify even as the project is concluding (eg. noticing dissolving white cement in yard toilet floor), which to me is very commendable. Not to mention his personal hands-on involvement to ensure the final works are properly completed. It is clear to me he has strong sense of responsibility, ownership and closure.

I sincerely appreciate Edmund’s commitment and dedication in conducting business. He has made the renovation process an interesting and fun-filled journey for me achieving a desirable and successful outcome of an esthetically tasteful renovated home.

I have recommended your company to others because of my satisfaction with Edmund’s service. I will continue to make residential and commercial recommendations for Edmund when opportunity arise. I look forward to doing business with you (with Edmund as designer) for years to come.