I would like to thank Gerald Goh for his hard work on our BTO renovation. Gerald is a reliable, diligent, responsible and patient guy who always gives me best advises on the renovation enquiries. When checking any defects, he is very meticulous in catching faults in the house. When we came across any bloopers during the renovation, he is fast to give a solution or think out of the box to resolve the problem. He always keeps me updated on the renovation progress via Whatsapp, so. that I can be assured that the renovation is working well on the timeline. Also, I would like to thank his electrician team for doing a great job in our house. We reallocated some of the switches and data points in the house. When the Singtel technician came to our house to activate the Fibre installation, the switches and data point are working perfectly fine, even the technician praised for the job be well done. And I would like to praise Jialux for the after renovation cleanup service. They cleared and cleaned the whole house, even the outer window panels, so well that we can immediately move in without a 2nd round of big cleaning. My family and I have moved in our BTO house last July, it has been about 5 months since we moved in, so far we have met no issue in the house and we are very happy staying in it, really a big thanks to Gerald and his team for their effort. Well done!