Special thanks to Lucas Ngan from Weiken for the seamless renovation experience for the home of my family and I. I must say that working with an old flat that had barely gone through any major renovations came with a special set of problems but Lucas made everything seem so easy with his quick thinking and great problem-solving skills. Planning and designing were confirmed so quickly because we were so impressed with how efficient the space planning for the house worked for us.

Lucas also went above and beyond in contacting suppliers for us and getting us good deals as well as recommending great places to get fixtures and lights at very affordable prices. His advice and knowledge on design trends vs durability really helped us see the bigger picture of how to incorporate practical aspects in every part of the house.

I recommend Lucas with all of my certainty that he will provide a stress-free renovation experience, complete with tasteful designing. From my family and I, thank you so much for your hard work, Lucas!