6 months after we have moved into our new home, we decided that we are confident to recommend SHE Interior.

It took us awhile to decide on our ID and we almost didn’t meet with Ryan because Woodlands was so far out. However, Ryan came all the way to Tampines to meet with us for our first meeting. He surprised us pleasantly not just because of his kind gesture, but also because he is the only ID who came up with ideas we didn’t think of- the others merely put our ideas on paper- and got us excited about meeting with him again to see what he has planned for us!

We are proud to say that we kept 90% of his original idea (only because I and my husband could not agree on the very beautiful but tricky feature wall and budget constraints) and up till today, still find ourselves sitting in our home and thinking to ourselves, “wow, this is beautiful.” Ryan is very good at coming up with practical and beautiful ideas even when obstacles (like the beam we didn’t foresee until onsite visit)! Because we didn’t drive, he was very kind to send us to choose our tiles! He’s also very responsive on texts even when he didn’t have to- he would help to advise if we should choose this colour or the other, and if this dining table would match our house, etc.

We waited this long to give our review because I wanted to make sure that our house is not just pretty, but the workmanship is good too. Our guests who visit are always impressed by the high-quality carpentry work (which I have a lot of) they see because it is well made and the finishing is refined. Everything is working the way it should and we are so thankful for the great effort and work Ryan has put into making our home so beautiful.

Ryan not only puts in time and effort to make the house beautiful, he helps us by absorbing the cost of a lot of work because of our limited budget. I’m thankful to have known him and would highly recommend this very professional and talented ID to anyone who is looking for an ID who is inspiring, impressive and involved in the whole process of creating your dream home.