When I and my wife got our resale 4-room flat, we got no clue in what kind of design we really want. The first ID company we went to is tradehub 21 Weiken.com. Joanne Tay was the first to approach us and intro us some really good design ideas. After finish the discussion, We really got interested. But we somehow wanted to try other ID company to see how others fare since it is our first time. But after going thru 2-3 ID company, we decided to settle with Weiken.com Joanne’s design. I can say Joanne’s design is really modern, nice and project to our style. We did have some hiccups such as CNY period have to stop work and some miscommunication but still, Joanne manage to help us thru. In the end, the end product is superb. A comfortable home is never comfortable if the design is not to your liking. I would definitely recommend Joanne to my friends and in future, if I buy a new house, I will get her to design again for my house. She is very patient, really attend to our request and is very creative in her design. Thank you Joanne for her wonderful ID service. The money spent is really worth it.