We met several IDs before engaging Eleven for our interior design in our new home. He listens to our requests and remembered every detail that we wanted. What made us select him in the end is his original designs, that made our home look like no one else’s. Although it might be obvious that an ID should help to “design”, it wasn’t the case for other IDs that we met who are merely “contractors” that gives you quote on what you want.

During our renovation, Eleven was very patient and professional in managing and resolving the issues that came up. He was also responsible and frequently drop by to check on the quality of work done by the workers. In the event that something didn’t go according to planned, he pointed it to us immediately – often with solutions that he has in mind to manage those issues.

He also works together with us to find suitable furniture to complete the home, even for areas such as dining tables which are not part of the renovation work. He also kept in mind of our budget from the beginning and never tried to upsell anything that is beyond our budget.
We are very happy with the work and the services that Eleven from Authors provided. Highly recommended!