I consulted 4 IDs before deciding to engage Nicholas from Local Inn.terior to renovate my 3-room resale HDB unit. His proposal captured all the requirements that were communicated, and he managed to catch my likes and dislikes pretty fast. I would not say that Local inn.terior was the lowest quote, but based on his proposal, it is competitive since it involved extensive hacking and re-building works.

Throughout the renovation journey, Nicholas gave prompt updates and he visited the site regularly to ensure that works were correctly done and on-schedule (proof was that the neighbours actually thought that he was the owner!). Despite being overseas during the second last week the renovation was due to complete, Nicholas remained responsive and contactable.

Nicholas also gave many inputs regarding colours and tile selection and his advice gelled with the theme the look and feel that I wanted to achieve. He also has great space planning skills to help make the existing layout more space-efficient and that was apparent in his proposal as compared to the other IDs.

Communication with Nicholas was easy, as he is approachable, friendly and thoughtful. Thank you Nicholas, we have no regrets working with you!