Fuse Concept was the first ID I saw and was the only firm who truly understand what my partner and I wanted. We wouldn’t be able to achieve our dream home based on our lifestyle if it’s not for my ID Jeremy. He was the only designer who knew what’s designing all about compared to other interior designers who just wants to sell and do sales. I was really impressed how Jeremy shared with me the CAD drawings and how he did the space planning for 93sqm home. He also helped us with the bank loan contacts and gave me a quotation which was within my budget. He followed us to choose the tiles from Hafary and followed us to choose the toilet fittings, lights, kitchen stuff and he was there throughout the entire process. Everything was on schedule and he was able to handle my last minute request for my home theatre installation for the concealed wiring and also coordinated well with other suppliers for my kitchen flooring and air con installation. Jeremy helped me customize a dishwashing/bar bottle rack which he also designs in AutoCAD. FUSE CONCEPT is very lucky to have someone like Jeremy who knows his stuff. I’m glad that everything was well delivered and also found a new friend. Thanks jeremy and FUSE CONCEPT for the job well done!!