Before we collected our keys from HDB, we met up with several IDs from various companies to request for a quotation and also to get a feel of the ID.

We decided to pop-by Weiken @ Tampines One without any expectations and were warmly greeted by Joel. Our first impression of Joel was that he was very courteous and able to provide us with some practical suggestions on our initial ideas. He was not only open to listening to us, but also able to step in at the right times to provide us with his feedback. After our first meeting, Joel took the initiative to hand-draw our ideas (very nicely) for us to better visualise. Impressed by his effort, we decided to engage Joel shortly after our first meeting (even though we were many months away from collecting our keys). The quotation from Weiken was reasonable and competitive (as compared to other quotations that we have received).

When work finally began, Joel laid out the expected timelines and sequence of events for us, which was good as we always had an idea of what work was being performed throughout the whole process. Joel was EXTREMELY responsive from start to finish (he usually replies almost immediately and has even replied us when we once texted him at 2am).

As we are quite particular about the details, we made many many requests to rectify/change certain things in the house. Joel was always accommodating and would immediately arrange for his contractor/supplier to make the rectification/change asap (sometimes even within the same day – which was very impressive). Although there were certain hiccups (such as materials going out of stock, issues with our flooring, etc.), Joel was always on top of things. He always made sure that the final deliverable is done to the highest standards, even if this means getting his guys to come down 2-3 times to make the necessary rectifications.

Overall, Joel (and the contractors he works closely with) has very high standards of quality and will ensure that the work done is up to his customer’s expectations. We highly recommend Joel to anyone who is looking for an ID for their home. 😄