We were never easy clients I would say, the fact that we signed up with Space Define almost 1 year in advance prior to key collection; goes to show how anxious we were. Space Define and our ID – Geo, were never our first choice but Space Define’s reputation and Geo’s sincerity won us over, almost snatching us right under the nose of our first choice ID when we were about to sign.

We were quite meticulous, fussy and demanding with our requirements, together with our personal daily strict checks during the renovation, but Geo was never impatient with us, his temper and attitude are always humble down-to-earth. Our impressions and perceptions of his interior design approach and ideas was that he was able to incorporate practicability and future easy maintenance into a home yet not losing out in trendiness and cosiness.

We have learnt a lot from Geo during this home renovation process and we strongly recommend Geo, Space Define and its team of professionals.