Jenny wang who is the senior designer from tradehub branch is the final ID stands out after comparing among a few IDs I met at the initial stage of my renovation, after the very first meeting up with jenny, she promptly got back to us with the quotation, we found she was different with all the other IDs that I have met, she was attentive, very detail-oriented and we like her personality quite a lot as she is very nice, easy-going and we fell happy and comfortable to discuss with her not only for the renovation but other topics as well, she is very professional indeed, we immediately felt the “click” with her. We immediately sign the contract with her after receiving the quotation, when it comes to the renovation, jenny took us through the selection of materials and laminate col and painting cols, we trust her a lot and we almost follow what she had suggested us for all the colours, and the result is amazing, she kept the aesthetics at the top of her mind all the while.

The timeline she set for the entire renovation was well estimated and the end-product can be easily seen that the workmanship was of the highest quality, We cannot sing anymore praises for jenny and her ability as an ID. I super recommend jenny wang for your home renovation journey. Her quotation price is reasonable, timeline is on track, customer service is excellent and quality of the work is nothing to argue about. Thanks jenny and her team for the hard work! Will definitely introduce you to my friends.