My contribution to your efforts!

Finding an honest and reliable renovation contractor is not easy nowadays. That is until we met Edward. He is really an out of the ordinary find. Very accommodating and humble, willing to do his best for his clients, even to the extent of spending own money and getting down to do the work himself. The workers used by Edward are in general pretty good, especially the carpentry team, which is the main focus of any renovation project. Ok I did not like the cleaners used, but we can’t have everything right?

It’s been more than a year since Edward’s team did the renovation for my house. I have not had any problem at all to date, not even a blown lightbulb! I have seen a few of my neighbours calling their contractors back to rectify areas a couple of times during this period, and they paid much more than me for their reno, getting substantially less for their money it seems. When it comes to renovation, it is not always true that the more you pay, the better quality you will get. For as long as Edward remain in this line of work, I will surely intro or get him to do my renovations if I ever needed them!

Must let me know when you start your own company!