Went more than 20 ID firms around Singapore getting the various quotation, some ID firms don’t even bother to follow up, read a lot of reviews and research on various market pricing from floor tiles to carpentry etc… My wife and I decided to choose Danny.

Danny with his vast years of experience in the renovation industry is also the only ID that manages to provide us with the answer to one of our desired design, we are impressed.

Throughout our renovation process, hiccups are inevitable in all renovation but Danny managed to resolve and rectify some carpentry problems and challenges faced along the way personally for us as he addressed our worries and doubts immediately.

Danny is also very hardworking and has high expectations when it comes to his overall renovation workmanship subcontractors standards from floor tiling to carpentry from his which was even better from my expectations following up daily with the renovation progress.

Everything was transparent despite our tight budget listing out the pricing for various adjustments and add-ons. Danny and Ronn who later joined to help Danny, help to check defects, sharing their ideas and knowledge in renovation, helping to build an empty house to a beautiful home for me and my wife which was delivered way earlier than our expected date!

Danny was also patient and accommodating despite our last minute changes, undertook the project confidently, enhanced the design and details where necessary. Importantly, he executed the design plan on a tight schedule and budget. Understanding client’s needs cost conscious without compromising quality, responsive, meeting deadlines – all passed with flying colours.

Design: 9/10
Workmanship: 9/10
Customer Service: 9/10
Value for Money: 10/10

Love ❤️ the suspended altar that took a lot of work to be installed by Danny and his guys!

Thank you Danny and Ronn too on the touch up for carpentry and paint even after the handover!

Need ID who knows his stuff well? Look further no more, look for Danny Ng.

Will I find Danny again for my next future home? Yes!

Highly recommended.👍👍👍