Hi, I would like to share my experience with my ID as I had recently completed renovation for my 3 room resale HDB Unit. I had met up with a total of 10+ IDs and contractors. It was frustrating after meeting a handful of them realizing they are totally unprofessional until I stumbled upon friends’ recommendation about his ID (Jessie) from Inside Living, I was pleasantly pleased when I met her. As opposed to the rest of the IDs who came in pairs or even more, she turned up alone armed with a measuring tape and floor plan. I have one ID who showed up forgetting the floor plan. Most of the IDs I saw employed the “scare” tactic to hurry me into signing the dotted line. This ID is different and after reviewing the quotation, I had indicated that I am running a tight budget as the wet works/tiles and carpentry made up the bulk of the cost, she was able to offer me alternative solutions and I ended up not needing the pre-mix cement at all and I have dropped some of the items which did not affect the aesthetic element as much like screeding of kitchen wall and dropping the wall tiles and having wall tiles in my shower room only. I have come across more than one ID who suggested I take up renovation loans from the bank. This is a stark contrast to my ID who try to offer solutions and alternatives on what are the items that can be dropped to keep the cost within budget. While most people had concerns that a female ID may not have a good working relationship with the contractors, it was definitely not the case for her. As with any activity that requires coordination, occasional minor hiccups are expected but Jessie ensured that these were being fixed. I will not say the entire renovation is 100% flawless but the overall experience has been a positive one. She exhibited professionalism as evidenced by how she works; before renovations started, she gave my neighbours a heads up and assure my neighbours there will be rectification works should their units be affected due to renovations carried out in my unit. After my final inspection of the unit, I had requested for assistance to install things like doorbells, blinds etc. and also some minor rectifications needed and she was responsive enough to see them through. I can certainly attest that she is the best choice I had made. as she may be handling multiple projects, notice she may not be immediately responsive thru text message. I communicated with her using whatsapp most of the time and I will call her when it is urgent and requires immediate attention. I was glad I found her and I am happy with the renovation and I will be glad to share her contact.