We started the renovation with Inspire ID Group for our 5-bedroom in April 2018 and the interior designer was Ben Li.
Throughout the 2 months of renovation, Ben was meticulous and highly responsive to our queries and demands. No matter how trivial or difficult the task is, he diligently and patiently fulfilled them all. He was very consistent in meeting the timelines agreed and in case of delays he was always upfront on the delays like a true professional. Unlike other ID’s around he was always transparent on the costs.
What impressed us is really his service and professionalism throughout the renovation.
We never felt any stress because the project was managed very beautifully,
I am really glad to have chosen Inspire ID Group and would definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking for a responsible, reliable and professional ID company.
Even after completion, Ben is very prompt in attending to our smallest requests and we really appreciate that.

Heartfelt thanks to Ben and Inspire ID Group that make our dream home possible.