Went through about 5 different ID’s and finally decided to go with Brandon because of his ability to understand our needs and more importantly, he came across as honest and truthful about potential difficulties that may occur during the renovation.

Brandon, from our first meeting, was able to understand our requirements and exceeded expectations with his suggestions! He consistently engages us and provides timely updates.

Our home is one that has not been renovated for 20+ years and we came into a few constraints. All of which would have been extremely stressful processed without his guidance and coordination between various parties. His design also really shows that he not only considers aesthetics but also practicality – important for us as we wanted a modern/artsy design that is simple to upkeep. He was also able to keep in mind our budget and provide alternatives where required.

The renovation was not the cheapest in the market, but I would most definitely recommend it to my friends! Brandon’s dedication and timely updates really give us peace of mind and confidence.