We met with three companies in our search for an ID and while they were well-matched in terms of price and enthusiasm, we decided to work with Teck Hou primarily because of the comfort and ease in communication with him.

My husband and I had a clear vision of what we’d like from the start, providing a brief and mood board to Teck Hou. To his credit, he was unafraid to let us know when something was impractical or to suggest ways to lower the cost when what we wanted was cost-prohibitive. On top of that, he came up with good solutions and suggestions to improve what we already had in mind. As we have a similar design sensibility, there were many details we left completely to Teck Hou to take care of, trusting that he’d choose the most suitable elements.

Of course, it’s inevitable for there to be hiccups, although we would say that the minor issues along the way were quickly addressed and eventually attended to. For example, when we found a problem with the water flow on the toilet floor, he had the area re-tiled as soon as he could.

We love the outcome of our renovation and cannot be more appreciative of the work he and his brilliant team have done here. What we like best about Teck Hou is that he was game for everything we suggested and made all our discussions such fun, collaborative affairs.

A note on TLI as a whole – we were heartened to hear upon engaging them that we would be part of their fundraising campaign for the Singapore Cancer Society. The company made out a $500 donation in our names right after we signed the contract with them. This was unexpected and a great start to our renovation journey.

Similarly, during our meetings at their office, the warm and convivial atmosphere always made us feel like we were visiting with friends. Things like these revealed a company that cared about more than just the bottom line which I’d definitely recommend.